How long will our order take to ship?

Typically, custom orders are done within 2-4 weeks from ordering. However, some orders are different. We sometimes do special orders that have to be placed by a certain date and will be sent on a specific date. Please check the description section in each order to find out how long it takes us to complete.

Where are you located?

We are located and ship from Apopka, FL.

Can I change the colors of items?

Depending on the item, yes, we can change colors or designs to meet your needs.

What is the difference between epoxy and sublimation?

Both tumblers are double wall insulated tumblers. The benefits to sublimation tumblers is that it is powder coated and the design is then “cooked” onto the coating. This allows for a more durable cup and will not crack or break if dropped. These tumblers can be accidentally left in hot spaces (like a car) with minimal damage. Epoxy tumblers are less durable; however, you have much more control over the design, especially if you want glitter on your cup. These tumblers cannot be left in a hot area (like a car) and will most likely chip or break if dropped.